Humiliation Mistress Sofia

About Sofia, Humiliation Mistress

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am Mistress Sofia, and I call myself a Humiliation Mistress because the humiliation fetish is what I love doing best. There is nothing in the fetish phone sex world so satisfying to me as to break a man down to a sniveling, trembling piece of ectoplasm – just with my taunts and laughter.

humiliation Mistress

Sofia, the Humiliation Mistress you’ve been looking for

How do I excel at being the Mistress of Humiliation? Well first of all I listen to you. You may not realize it but with every word you say, you give yourself away as the loser you are. No matter how big and bad you portray yourself, the inescapable fact is that YOU called ME for humiliation. Therefore you obviously want it. And all bets are off – I plan on giving it to you with both barrels.

Which brings me to my second point – after listening closely to you and finding out all your weak points, I start destroying you by breaking you down. I might do this in a variety of ways – by asking more and more pointed personal questions, by assuming you want me to run roughshod over you (which I will), even by screaming all kinds of obscenities and insults at you. As a Humiliation Mistress, I will use every trick I know to keep you off-balance and unsure of yourself.

I bet you’re horny now, aren’t you?

Chances are, by this time in the call you’ll be very very horny and wanting to cum. Which brings me to my last point – I will keep you on the edge of orgasm until you simply can’t stand it any more. I won’t stop with my humiliation even though you want to cum oh so badly. Not until you are blubbering and crying, and begging for mercy.

You know you need a Mistress of Humiliation like myself in your life, now don’t you? This is what you’ve been missing in phone sex all along. Pick up the phone and give me a call. Do it now, worm.

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